The Presidents Club

Why would i ever do this?

By now, you've read the legal language in the footer of this email concerning the $527.

If you're super-savvy, you even checked the footer of our other publications.

Publications like…

Oil & Energy Daily.

Dividends & Income Daily.

Capitol Hill Daily.

Tech & Innovation Daily.

Constitutional Wealth.

WSD Insider.

The same fine print is in every single one of Wall Street Daily's publications.

My team of legal analysts, of course, reviewed the language. And they assured me (with 100% certainty) that it represents a binding legal obligation to pay you the money, as promised.

I have no legal recourse, whatsoever.

The language is so rigid, in fact, that I'm positively, unmistakably, unequivocally legally obligated to send you $527 the moment you agree to become a Presidents Club member.

You never have to pay the money back, either.

If you were to ever cancel your membership? Well, you'd owe us a balance of exactly $0.00.

10 simple questions make this possible…

When you string seven years of successes together, as I've done with Wall Street Daily's highest level of membership, The Presidents Club…

You can afford to be daring.

You can afford to be bold.

You can even afford to be a bit arrogant, as I'm being right now by 1) offering new Presidents Club members $527 for simply joining the Club, and 2) making it legally impossible for me to ever avoid paying you the money.

To be perfectly honest, though…

There's a simple reason that I budgeted $250,000 to send to new Presidents Club members…

It's because I need your feedback on something big.

Something is taking shape in the market right now.

Something that could make every member of the Presidents Club as much as $100,000 over the next six months.

In the coming days, when I drop this news to Presidents Club members, your feedback will help me communicate what's about to happen even better.

So I'm going to send you 10 simple questions.

The questions will hit your inbox the moment you join.

They're perfectly simple, "multiple choice" questions.

And they're not of a personal nature, either.

It'll take you five minutes to answer them.

How badly do I want this feedback from you?

Enough to pay you $527 to get it.

Either way, even if you choose not to answer the questions, I've still wonderfully obligated myself to pay you the money. But I hope that you'll take five minutes to answer them.

Trust me, I'll be thrilled to get the answers from the newest 450 members of The Presidents Club.

It's worth every penny of the $250,000 I plan to spend.

Yes, the coming opportunity is that big.

Clubs, by their very nature, are for like-minded people…

The Presidents Club is meant for ambitious people only.

With that in mind, think about it…

If you don't have the personal ambition to pocket $527 for allowing me to ask you 10 simple questions…

Money that you never have to pay back, even if you cancel your membership, well… then you're not meant for The Presidents Club, anyway.

What a wonderfully effective self-policing system (albeit, unintentional)!

Despite the airtight legal language I have in the footer of every e-letter, promising you $527… without the personal ambition to take action, you'll balk at the prospect of ever joining.

Therefore, those without ambition can never become a member of The Presidents Club.

The Presidents Club is for ambitious people only… ones who covet total financial independence.

Period. No exceptions.

What's their secret? It's simplE really…

They're personal ambition has done something extraordinary…

It has them one degree of separation between themselves and the "smart money" in this country.

The only link between Presidents Club members and the trillion-plus dollars churning through the financial system every day is, well… us. That is, Wall Street Daily's team of experts.

My team of experts – anchored by Louis Basenese – is as close to the smart money as anyone can get in this country. I mean profoundly close.

When a company surprises on earnings… our phone rings.

When a product tests much better than expected… our phone rings.

When a drug gets FDA approval… our phone rings.

When a drilling company confirms a huge oil discovery… our phone rings.

When a stock encounters suspiciously high trading volume… our phone rings.

When a tech company is granted a game-changing patent… our phone rings.

When a well-known power broker buys a ton of options… our phone rings.

When Congress passes a bill likely to impact a stock… our phone rings.

Now that's power. Raw power. Power that my experts then pass along to members of The Presidents Club.

When Louis' phone rings, it's like every member of The Presidents Club phones ring.

The second any worthwhile moneymaking intelligence hits the market, Presidents Club members get an email, which always includes a recommended course of action.

We're all in this together. You, me, Louis… and the rest of my team of experts. One nation under God.

Of course, the benefits of membership aren't limited to just being ahead of breaking news…

Or just knowing which companies have clean balance sheets and strong earnings reports.

Trading strategies themselves can be every bit as prosperous (and important).

So in addition to all of the market-moving intelligence I'll send you on a weekly basis…

To foster gains greater than any "buy and hold" strategy can ever produce, I also created (Wall Street Daily's Presidential Suite of Research Services,) which represents the Club's backbone.

Each research service has been years in the making, and represents our experts' life's work.

As a member of The Presidents Club, you get FREE access to every research service for the rest of your life, along with any new ones Wall Street Daily ever launches.

Of course, if you don't have the personal ambition to pocket $527 for allowing me to ask you 10 questions about an opportunity that could make every Presidents Club member $100,000 in the next six months…

I'm referring to money that you never have to pay back, even if you cancel your membership, well… then you're not meant for The Presidents Club, anyway.

The Presidents Club is a club of like-minded people. Ambitious people.

Here's a preview of what you're ready to receive as a member of Wall Street Daily's esteemed Presidents Club…

But you need to act fast.

Only 450 spots are available… And my suspicion is that we have a lot more than 450 ambitious people ready to pocket $527 for answering 10 simple questions.

(I'm legally obligated to pay you whether you actually answer the questions or not. I hope that you will.)


1.) The Smart Cap Alert
Expert: Karim Rahemtulla
Retail Price: $5,000 per year.
Presidents Club Price: FREE FOR LIFE.

Karim Rahemtulla's Smart Cap Alert is my personal favorite and most expensive research service. It's underpinned by the infinite truth that money is an abundant resource, not a scarce one.

Of the 33 recommendations Karim closed last year, 30 of them were winners. The average gain was 51%, totaling over 1,731% in cumulative gains.

Even better, every quarter – FOUR TIMES EVERY YEAR – Karim also issues a Mega Alert.

What the heck is a Mega Alert?

Mega Alerts include a MAJOR cash opportunity. That is, a chance to pocket a ton of cash in a short period of time without ever having to give it back.

So far, Karim is perfect on the cash opportunities inside of his Mega Alerts. See for yourself…

On January 23, 2012 at 10:07 AM EST… Karim released Mega Alert #1, promising an opportunity to pocket an instant $4,410.

Mega Alert #1 was so wildly successful that I received tons of letters from readers thanking me.

One reader, Steve, captured the enthusiasm perfectly, saying...

"I pocketed $5,890 on your recommendations. I highly recommend your research to anyone thinking about getting into the game." –Steve

On April 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM EST… Karim released Mega Alert #2, promising an opportunity to pocket an instant $2,125.

Again, I received pages and pages of testimonials expressing elation and thanks.

Here's one of my favorites, from Gill…

"OMG! OMG! I did exactly what the Mega Alert said… And guess what? I got paid! This is the first time I made money on Wall Street after losing 20-plus times. It already pays for the membership! This is so exciting!" –Gill

Here's another of my favorites, from Paul...

"I bagged $3,670. And I've only been a subscriber for three hours!" –Paul

On September 14, 2012 at 1:30 PM EST… Karim released Mega Alert #3, promising an opportunity to pocket an instant $2,505.

The release of Mega Alert #3 demonstrated how popular The Mega Alert Series has become, as my inbox was again overflowing.

Lori perfectly articulated her new feeling of abundance, saying...

"I kept watching Mega Alert #3 and hoping it would not pass me by! Once I could trade, I saw the money instantly hit my account for a grand total of $3,760!" – Lori

Likewise, Myles said...

"I've pocketed over $22,000 in profits on six recommendations. No losses so far except on paper."– Myles

On February 22, 2013 at 3:01 PM EST Karim released Mega Alert #4, valued at $3,775.

Andy nicely described the experience of most readers, saying...

"This was the first time I got in on your Mega Alert. My grand total was $4,130. It's the greatest amount to ever pour in for me in such a short period of time. My feet didn't touch the ground for the rest of the day, or should I say week?!!!" – Andy

On July 31, 2013 at 11:30 AM EST… Karim released Mega Alert #5, valued at $3,620.

Although the ink is barely dry yet, I can tell you it was another smashing success.

For the record, the running tally from all five Mega Alerts is now well over $16,000.

But while readers like Steve, Gill, Paul, Lori, Myles and Andy are cleaning up, you're missing out on the action.

In less than a month's time, all six made back the cost of their Presidents Club membership many times over. It only took Paul three hours!

Plus, every Mega Alert now includes
a "Master's" opportunity to pocket $26,000.

Karim's decision to include a "Master's" recommendation couldn't be better timed.

You see, the folks who've been following Karim since the first Mega Alert hit in the winter of 2012 are ready to become Masters.

They're ready to pocket inconceivable, downright dizzying amounts of cash in one fell swoop.

Well, as demanded by our readers, the last two Mega Alerts have given people a chance to realize their dreams, like Patrick just did…

"Miracles do happen!!! $50,000 was deposited into my account in less than five minutes. I AM A BELIEVER!! Nothing on the planet even comes close, to you Karim!" – Patrick

Every future Mega Alert will now include a brand-new "Master's" recommendation.

Expect Mega Alert #6 to release in late Fall. Presidents Club members will be among the first to get it.

How confident am I in this next opportunity?

Well, I asked our Senior Analyst (and math genius), Jason Williams, if it's even plausible that Mega Alert #6 will fail to deliver the cash. Here's what he said...

"Only a force of nature or terrorist attack can stop Mega Alert #6 from giving readers an opportunity to pocket even more cash. As such, I put the odds of failure at one in 70 million." – Jason

If you're ready to start living a richer, more abundant life, The Smart Cap Alert is definitely a "must have."

The Smart Cap Alert is free for members of The Presidents Club.

2.) Instant Money Trader
Expert: Lee Lowell
Retail Price: $3,000 per year.
Presidents Club Price: FREE FOR LIFE.

Lee Lowell has enjoyed a storied and celebrated life as a professional trader for nearly two decades now. And all along, he's been using the same remarkable strategy.

Lee first started using it when he needed a surefire way to cover his monthly exchange fees during his tenure as a floor trader on the NYMEX. And he's been using it ever since to generate an extraordinary flow of extra cash.

The strategy is entirely predicated on punching "cash codes" into your computer, which instantly trigger a deposit into your account.

Readers loved the "Fact/Opinion" column I wrote a few weeks ago concerning Lee's codes. So I'd be a fool not to share it with you right now…

Fact: Lee Lowell recommends three "cash codes" every month.


Opinion: The biggest complaint from readers is that they want more codes.

Fact: The typical code is worth about $650.


Opinion: No one ever complains when a code is worth less.

Fact: Once you punch the codes into your computer, they trigger a cash deposit.


Opinion: Everyone always remembers their first code.

Fact: The cash deposit happens instantaneously.

Opinion: It has never taken me longer than a minute.

Fact: You never have to pay the money back.

Opinion: In order to function efficiently, the market needs people willing to accumulate cash in their accounts. It's brilliant, actually.

Fact: It takes two days for the cash to settle in your account.

Opinion: Two days is the industry standard.

Fact: After the cash settles, your broker can wire you the funds.

Opinion: Lee recommends growing your cash balance, instead of withdrawing it.

Fact: Lee has recommended nearly 100 codes, and every single one has hit for cash.

Opinion: I threw a huge party when Lee hit his 90th consecutive code. I better start planning the next party.

Fact: Lee just released his latest codes worth roughly $1,050.

Opinion: The cash can be in your account by sundown, tomorrow.

Lee's been recommending these codes to readers for nearly five years now. And not a single one of them has failed to pay out instant cash.

His very first code was released on November 5, 2008. Since then, every code has paid out instant money – all 90 of them (and counting) – ranging from $250 to $2,000.

On an annual basis, for the readers who took action and followed Lee's strategy as recommended, depending on their situation, well…

In 2012, they collected as much as $14,280.

In 2011, they collected as much as $17,320.

In 2010, the amount was $19,275.

In 2009, it was $19,690.

You may be surprised to learn just how easy it was to claim this money, too.

Just punch a string of numbers into your computer, and they'll trigger a cash deposit into your account within seconds.

The money shows up right away. No waiting for a trade to move in your favor.

No one will ever ask for the money back, either.

It's really quite amazing.

Will it make you rich overnight? No…

But it's a nice way to generate a ton of extra income, month after month.

What has a 100% chance of happening tomorrow?

I'm happy to report that Lee just hit a major milestone.

A milestone that may ultimately put him into the record books as the proprietor of the greatest income strategy in history. (He's closing in.)

You see, Lee recently released his 90th consecutive winning "cash code."

As I said, Lee began issuing these codes in late 2008.

Since then, all 90 of them (100% perfection) have paid out cash.

For our most ambitious readers… the ones who've been around since the beginning, well… they've enjoyed the opportunity to collect over $79,785 in cash.

Lee's latest codes are worth roughly $1,050…

With Lee's impeccable track record of success, I can say the following with 100% confidence…

If you punch Lee's three latest codes into your computer, and execute the other simple basics of his strategy just as suggested in the email alerts…

You could have anywhere from $850 to $1,050 in your account by this time tomorrow.

It's inevitable.

It's also impossible to screw this up.

It's money you never have to give back, either.

It takes two days for the cash to settle in your account. When it does, just call your broker and ask him to wire you the funds.

I'll let Lee's elated readers steer this section home…

Like David, who's been getting Lee's codes sent to him since September of 2009.

"This is the best winning strategy that I have found in my 25 years of searching for great investment strategies!! Wishing for your good health and safety."

Or this from Jeff, who's a bigwig VP at a major global brewery:

"It was another great year. I made $22,219 following your recommendations. It also gave me the confidence to make some trades on my own. This is the best investment research I get from anyone in terms of accuracy and safety. Thanks again."

Or this one from Chad…

"Yours is the first research service to actually deliver what it promises. I have been in the market for over 20 years and this method is the most consistent I have seen."

Or this one from Peter…

"Hi Lee. First let me say that yours is the best research service I have ever subscribed to. I've had a pretty good first year – almost $41,000 in net cash received..."

Or this one from Richard…

"Made $17,987.04 from your recommendations. This paid for my property taxes, plus your subscriber fees and a nice down payment towards a desperately needed new car. I couldn't be happier!"

Lee's Instant Money Trader is free for members of The Presidents Club.

His latest codes, worth roughly $1,050, are waiting for you.

3.) MicroCap Tech Trader
Expert: Louis Basenese
Retail Price: $3,700 per year.
Presidents Club Price: FREE FOR LIFE.

Something scary is coming.

It's downright unsettling.

Allow me to warn you about it right now… because there's no escaping the technological breakthrough that Louis Basenese is presently investigating.

What's coming will change the world. Guaranteed.

You see, a tiny company is doing the unthinkable…

It's single-handily ready to end global warming! Forever.

When this news is officially announced, it'll have incredible, almost unimaginable, repercussions. And they AREN'T all good.

Fortunately, Presidents Club members will be among the first to hear about this incredible innovation.

By becoming a Presidents Club member, you're assuring that you won't get blindsided!

Louis will soon release news concerning the following…

  • He'll show you how radically different the world will look in six months.
  • Why this technology will affect every man, woman and child on the planet.
  • Who's involved…
  • Louis will even reveal the awful downside that the end of global warning will bring…
  • But, most importantly, Louis will tell you how one tiny company, trading for less than $2, will soon find itself among the most powerful companies on Earth.
Before and After Picture

I'd like to remind you that you're holding a royal flush.

Why do I say that? Because Wall Street Daily's Chief Investment Strategist, Louis, is at the center of the technology world.

He's heralded as the most influential man in tech.

And he's helping make Presidents Club members rich.

Earlier this year, Louis warned of a coming announcement... an announcement containing very important clues about a specific company's fortunes.

Louis believed the news would send the company's stock price to the moon. He quickly released the name of the company to Presidents Club members, Uni-Pixel (UNXL).

Footage of when Louis first changed the world with Uni-Pixel back in February. He did it again in April with Parametric Sound. And just recently with a company whose patents stop cyber-theives.

Uni-Pixel was about to defy convention.

It had just invented a touchscreen glass interface made of copper, which was thought to be impossible!

Well, just three weeks later...

The company did, in fact, make a major announcement, just as Louis predicted.

In the announcement, the company confirmed that sales would balloon from $76,000 to $5 million in the coming months.

And the stock absolutely exploded, just as Louis said it would.

Readers who took a position in Uni-Pixel when Louis first recommended the stock could've enjoyed a run from $7.50 to over $36.

One reader, Steph, who's been a shareholder since Louis first recommended the company, did something extraordinary... she's up over $2.2 million, saying...

"I currently hold in excess of 110,000 shares of Uni-Pixel... I also have traded hundreds of options... God has greatly blessed me in life."

Louis was far from finished…

Louis next warned Presidents Club members of another announcement.

This one would impact shares of a tiny company that had just revolutionized the way we hear the world.

It invented something called a "sound laser."

A sound laser directs sound to wherever it's pointed, while keeping areas as little as five feet away perfectly quiet!

And again, Louis quickly released the name of the company, Parametric Sound (PAMT) to Club members.

How'd that one play out? Well, although Louis believed the announcement would confirm a major licensing deal, and send the stock blasting higher... he was wrong!

The announcement was preempted by even bigger news... a buyout!

Shares of Parametric Sound went vertical.

Readers who took a position in Parametric Sound when Louis first recommended the stock enjoyed a run from $5.60 to over $22.

Reader, Reagan, wrote me and said...

"One word sums it all up... fantastic!!!! Since hearing your recommendation to buy Parametric Sound, I'm absolutely ecstatic. I can't sleep at night. Seriously! On this investment alone I started with roughly $18,000 and it has swelled to over $39,000 in just over three months!"

Louis just did it again…

Presidents Club members just recently learned about a tiny company that owns exclusive rights to the world's most sought-after patent…

This patent stops cyber-theives from hacking smartphones.

Corporate banking giants NEED this tiny company's patented technology because their efforts to stop hacking have all failed.

Cyber-hacking costs the banks billions, annually.

And, as you know, banks ALWAYS get their way!

With that in mind, yet another announcement just hit, exactly as Louis said would happen.

The announcement revealed that this little patent-holder is halfway through a 60-day mobile biometrics security project with "a major financial institution."

When pressed, the CEO said…

"It's a very large U.S.-based financial institution."

Can you appreciate the impact a licensing deal with, say… Bank of America, Barclays, or Citigroup will have on a tiny $2 stock?

It's big enough that a well-known Wall Street firm just assigned an analyst to the stock (the very first!).

The analyst even slapped an EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE price target on the stock.

Other Wall Street bluebloods are likely to follow suit.

This stock is officially ready to leave this stratosphere. For good.

Louis recommended it to Presidents Club members at $0.80. Even though it's already above $2.25, there's still time of upside ahead. Shares could hit $10 by Thanksgiving.

And even more ticker symbols will follow.

Remember, Presidents Club members will receive two such recommendations from Louis every month.

Next up?

Presidents Club members are about to receive news concerning the tiny company ready to end global warming, forever.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this one!

4.) Oil & Energy Confidential
Expert: Karim Rahemtulla
Retail Price: $4,500 per year.
For Presidents Club members: FREE FOR LIFE.

A few months ago, energy expert, Karim Rahemtulla, secretly traveled to the most volatile – yet most geopolitically important – region in the entire world…

The Strait of Hormuz, off the coast of Iran.

Every day, as many as 20 tankers pass through the Strait, carrying 17 million barrels of crude oil.

All told, 35% of the world's seaborne oil shipments find their way through this most critical 21-mile-wide waterway.

Rumor has it, though, that something other than oil is dramatically increasing in traffic. Another commodity. (More on that in a moment.)

By our accounts…

Karim is the only known American to navigate the Strait in the last 10 years.

Outside of military personnel, that is.

Just to get Karim there took two years of talks. It took bribes. It took connections. It took a Canadian passport. It took a lengthy detention at the Omani border. It even took a smuggling boat…

And still! It was tense wondering if Karim was being granted safe passage.

(None of this would have been possible without Karim's Southeast Asian ethnicity and the fact that he's fluent in 14 different languages.)

We couldn't even risk sending news about the trip to Presidents Club members until Karim was safely back on U.S. soil.

But the information he returned with is, well… profound.

Karim is validating his research this very moment…

Why'd Karim risk life and limb to get the story straight from the frontline?

Because the only true way to make a fortune in the energy markets is to 1) be first, and 2) be right.

Specifically, Karim was in the Strait of Hormuz to track the amount of liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments.

The fundamentals all point to an LNG explosion over the next six months.

Karim is back from the Strait of Hormuz with information concerning the coming LNG boom. He's the only person on Earth with this information. Gains could exceed 4,000%.

Case in point: Just days ago, the U.S. Department of Energy approved another application to export LNG to countries that have NOT signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States.

Federal law typically allows ONLY natural gas exports to FTA countries unless the Energy Department determines that exporting to non-FTA countries is "consistent with the public interest," which just happened.

Translation: Demand for LNG is exploding!

Karim is prepping an urgent report for Presidents Club members…

Karim knows exactly how to play the coming LNG explosion for mega profits. As high as 4,000% over the next six months.

It's easily the most compelling thread of data I've seen all year. And Karim is the only expert in the world holding such valuable information concerning LNG!

On the heels of his trip, Karim now knows how many LNG tankers pass through the Straits each day.

He knows which ports the tankers come from.

He knows which ports they're going to.

He knows the companies involved and the quantities they're shipping.

Are shares of a tiny Canadian company, which trades for LESS than a penny, ready to explode?

Are shares of other companies ready to explode, too?

Should we be loading up on shares of drillers or shippers?

It's all in a comprehensive, special report ready to hit Presidents Club members' inboxes.

The Coming LNG Boom

You can't just waltz into the Strait of Hormuz (the gates of hell) and say...

"Hello. Will you share information with my readers so they can earn spectacular, enormous, insanely large stock gains?"

That's a surefire way to die. Guaranteed.

It took renowned energy expert, Karim Rahemtulla, 15 years to forge the relationships necessary to access such privileged information.

He now shares the information with Presidents Club members as part of his research service, Oil & Energy Confidential.

For Presidents Club members who've followed his recommendations to the letter of the law, and took action... Well, they're already making a killing!

For example, Karim just got back from Cyprus, where he was investigating a price anomaly happening inside the natural gas market…

A price anomaly that MUST ultimately correct itself. It can be no other way.

Europeans pay upwards of $15/mcf for natural gas.

Americans pay a measly $4/mcf.

When the market violently corrects (it could happen any minute), one company stands on the brink of greatness.

Karim just slapped a $300 price target on the stock.

Shares have only recently begun their major ascent, and Karim still has the stock listed as a screaming "Buy."

Presidents Club members are already up double-digits on this one.

Talk about the Holy Grail…

Karim also recently flew to a gold mine in an undisclosed location of the world to confirm whispers…

Whispers that gold worthy of the Holy Grail was just discovered.

1,000-karat gold isn't supposed to exist in nature.

Well, one tiny mining company just discovered the closest thing on Earth.

It's the purest gold on the planet.

When it hits the market, it'll fetch top dollar.

The company with all the rights to the discovery trades for less than $2/share.

The second the price of gold rebounds, this $2 stock could triple simply because it owns a mine full of such high-purity gold.

Karim has this stock listed as a screaming "Buy," too.

And that's not it...

The next two missions for Presidents Club members are to Turkey and Alaska to investigate other resource discoveries.

Oil & Energy Confidential is free for life for Presidents Club members.

5.) The Dividends Accelerator Expert: Louis Basenese
Retail Price: $6,500 per year.
For Presidents Club members: FREE FOR LIFE.

We're preparing to launch yet another premium research service. It's exclusively committed to accelerating the yield on income investments.

When you consider the zero-interest world in which we presently live, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Look, we all wish we could turn back the calendar a few years in order to have more money now, right?

Well, beginning on September 15, 2013, Louis Basenese is ready to replace 10 years of lost income in as little as six months.

Forget 3%... 6%... even 8% yields. Those days will soon be over.

Louis will crank the yield on dividend stocks as high as 10% per month! He'll do it safely, too.

You see, instead of simply finding alternate ways to generate income, Louis discovered a weakness in the system – a weakness which will allow him to unleash an income strategy that's "extraordinary" by every definition of the word.

By slightly modifying a few highly regarded income strategies…

And then introducing a powerful growth component, as well…

Louis says his strategy can replace 10 YEARS of lost income over the next six months.

Are you ready? Because Presidents Club members will soon have the opportunity to push their dollars to the absolute limit – safely and intelligently – with the most innovative wealth-building strategy this side of Wall Street.

The Dividends Accelerator is free for members of The Presidents Club.

It officially launches on September 15, 2013.

6.) WSD Insider
List Price: $99 per year.
For Presidents Club members: FREE FOR LIFE.

Wall Street Daily's Flagship monthly newsletter contains three model portfolios with active recommendations. The average gain on winning recommendations last year was 60%. Each issue – which is also printed and mailed – hits inboxes at the beginning of the month.

7.) Constitutional Wealth
List Price: $99 per year.
For Presidents Club members: FREE FOR LIFE.

Constitutional Wealth is a research service built around one powerful concept: having political intelligence lends itself to massive stock gains. When Washington puts its might behind a certain industry or stock, watch out! Gains can be some of the most aggressive in the market. All active recommendations can be found in Constitutional Wealth's National Treasure Portfolio.

8.) Special Situation Reports (Quarterly)
List Price: $10,000 per year.
For Presidents Club members: FREE FOR LIFE.

Special Situation Reports can hit any minute. They’re unexpected market catalysts known to already be making people rich. We catch them early, and send you a Presidents Club memorandum explaining how to get positioned. It’s the most precious research among any in your membership. I’m ready to ask you 10 simple questions concerning the latest special situation.

Wanted: 450 ambitious readers to pocket $527…

By becoming a member of the Presidents Club, you get all of the above-mentioned premium research services for the rest of your life. You never have to worry about renewing, either.

You can even bequeath your membership to the heir of your choosing.

The moment your membership becomes active in our system (it takes about five minutes), I'll also send you 10 simple questions to answer.

With great anticipation of your feedback, I'm ready, willing and legally obligated to pay you $527.

Why do I want your feedback so badly?

Because something big is taking shape in the market right now.

Something with the potential to make every member of the Presidents Club as much as $100,000 over the next six months.

In the coming days, I plan to drop this news to Presidents Club members.

Your feedback will help me perfectly articulate what's about to happen.

Sometimes my ambition gets the best of me… and I want this particular Presidents Club memorandum to be spot-on perfect.

If every Presidents Club member is truly going to clear $100,000 from this opportunity, it'll require me to articulate the strategy, flawlessly.

So I'm going to send you 10 simple questions.

The questions will hit your inbox the moment you join.

They're simple, "multiple choice" questions.

And they're not of a personal nature, either.

It'll take you five minutes to answer them.

I'll be thrilled when I exhaust my $250,000 budget, trust me.

Once I secure the feedback of the newest 450 members of The Presidents Club, I'll have the last bit of information I need to send the official memorandum.

This is money well spent, I assure you!

Access Every Publication Free For Life

I've assigned Amanda to your account.

Amanda is your Presidents Club liaison.

She sits next to me every day, and she's fantastic. A consummate professional.

She manages the entire support network built around your Presidents Club membership.

And she's ready to answer any questions you may have.

For now, the only question left is this…

Do you have the personal ambition to follow through?

Remember, The Presidents Club membership is meant for ambitious people only. And I just happened to unintentionally create a brilliant self-policing system to attract only the most ambitious.

If you don't have the personal ambition to pocket $527 for allowing me to ask you 10 simple questions… money that you never have to pay back, even if you cancel your membership, well…

Then you're not meant for The Presidents Club, anyway.

Despite the rigid legal language I have in the footer of your subscription, promising you $527… if you don't have the ambition needed to take action, then you'll balk at the prospect of ever joining, right?

Therefore, The Presidents Club is comprised solely of ambitious people. The ones who grabbed the money ahead of 449 other readers.

Although the total value of your Presidents Club Membership is $30,198…

For the next five days... Or until 450 ambitious readers grab the all of the money, whichever comes first…

You can secure membership to the Presidents Club for just $4,995.

When you consider that Karim Rahemtulla just "made good" on his promise to deliver a cash opportunity worth $26,000 inside of Mega Alert #5 (the alert is still active for readers of his Smart Cap Alert), and

When you consider that Lee Lowell is churning out "cash codes" every month worth $1,050, on average. All 90 codes have triggered a cash deposit, too. Just wait two days for the cash to settle in your account, and then ask your broker to wire you the funds. (The codes are exclusive for Instant Money Trader readers), and

When you consider that Louis Basenese is about to release his biggest micro-cap recommendation in history. It's a tiny company ready to end global warming forever. An opportunity even bigger than his Uni-Pixel recommendation, which shot to the moon. Even bigger than his Parametric Sound recommendation, which went vertical (exclusive for MicroCap Tech Trader readers), and

When you consider that Karim is the only known westerner to navigate the Strait of Hormuz in the last 10 years. And that he's back with shockingly personal details regarding the coming LNG boom, which holds 4,000% potential (exclusive for Oil & Energy Confidential readers), and

When you consider that Louis' new research service, The Dividends Accelerator launches on September 15, 2013, where he promises to accelerate yields to as high as 10% per MONTH, and

When you consider that you get EVERY research service and publication, including any new ones, for the rest of your life, without ever having to worry about renewing, well…

I think you'll agree with me that $4,995 is a fair deal. (Plus an annual $110 maintenance fee.)

Access Every Publication Free For Life

With your authorization, I'll send you 10 simple questions, and then drop a $527 check in the mail…

With your authorization to proceed, here's how this is going to work.

If you're decisive enough to be among the first 450 readers to join The Presidents Club, I'll immediately send you 10 simple questions to answer.

Your membership will also trigger the delivery of a check in the amount of $527.

You don't even have to answer the questions. (Although I hope that you will.)

The only person who has an obligation here is me.

The check (made out in your name) will be mailed to the address you give us when you become a member.

I'm legally obligated to pay you $527 for your feedback, which I want very badly.

YOU, however, have absolutely no obligation.

Kick the tires for 60 days, risk-free.

Make absolutely certain that The Presidents Club is right for you.

If it's not, just call us and cancel for a full refund.

Oh, and keep the $527!

My team of legal analysts has made it absolutely impossible for me to ever recoup the money, which is exactly how I want it.

I want the pressure of delivering the best financial research in the business.

I want the pressure of earning your trust.

Most of all, I want your answers to those 10 questions!

Once I have your critical feedback, I'll finalize the Presidents Club memorandum about to hit every member's inbox. It concerns an opportunity to make no less than $100,000 over the next six months.

So please read the fine print at the bottom of your e-letter again.

It's definitely legally binding. You're getting $527 the moment that your Presidents Club membership is official.

And if you ever cancel?

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What you do with the money at that point is entirely up to you!

The gutsiest offer in publishing history…

I unconditionally stand behind Wall Street Daily's Presidents Club with a 100%, ironclad guarantee of satisfaction.

If, for whatever reason, you decide to cancel your Presidents Club membership over the next 60 days, just call your membership liaison, Amanda, and she'll issue you a full refund. No questions asked. I personally guarantee it!

You won't risk a penny.

I've assigned Amanda specifically to your account to ensure that you have the best experience of your life. Amanda is prepared for anything you might encounter over the course of your membership.

She's a trained "problem solver."

The word "No" is not in Amanda's vocabulary.

Just click here to begin. Or call us toll-free at 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 and mention Priority Code: EBOBP965.

The second your membership is active in our system, I'll send you 10 simple questions.

Please consider answering them. Either way, though, I'll send you a check for $527.

Again, I've already made it legally impossible for me to ever avoid paying you. Or to ever recoupe the money. I did it on purpose, too.

I'd sure love to share your incredibly insightful feedback with every Presidents Club member in the coming days.

Your feedback is the last thread of research I need to soliditify the opportunity for every Presidents Club member to earn a $100,000 in the next six months.

I think it's fitting to end with a quote from Ronald Reagan, The Presidents Club's "patron saint," if you will…

It's a quote eloquently delivered from the Oval Office during his Farewell Address to the Nation on January 11, 1989…

"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music."

Amen, Mr. President!

On behalf of Louis Basenese, Karim Rahemtulla, Lee Lowell, active members of The Presidents Club and the rest of the Wall Street Daily team, I'd like to officially welcome you aboard.

Robert Williams
Founder, Wall Street Daily
August, 2013

P.S. If you're already enjoying one of Wall Street Daily's research services – MicroCap Tech Trader, The Smart Cap Alert, Oil & Energy Confidential or Instant Money Trader – please call us immediately concerning The Presidents Club membership. We have some news for you. 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498.

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