Gold this pure is not supposed to exist...

Dear reader,

According to data obtained by Oil & Energy Confidential, on April 23, 2013, large, institutional speculators held 69,726 “short contracts” on gold (bets that the metal will fall in price).

Such extraordinarily bearish sentiment now sits within an eyelash of an all-time record, according to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Nevertheless, I urge you to ignore everything you just read.

Yes, ignore it.

You see, the truth has a funny way of remaining hidden until new events come to pass.

With that in mind, the events of the past few days have been profound.

They paint a crystal-clear picture of what’s about to happen. A picture that the investing public isn’t privy to.

When you consider the decisions just made by the TWO MOST INFLUENTIAL players in all of finance…

Well, it’s hard to imagine a world where gold isn’t trading north of $2,000/ounce by mid-June.

Beyond that, there’s no telling how high gold could soar. I mean, a respected French analyst just slapped a $10,000 price target on the metal.

Here’s what Oil & Energy Confidential has been able to confirm…

  1. Despite all the bets against it, the U.S. Mint is literally running out of gold! Last week, the Mint couldn’t fulfill orders for one of its most popular gold coins.
  2. The U.K. Mint said its purchases of gold just tripled. Premiums paid by jewelers in India (the world’s biggest gold importer) to secure their supply, surged as much as fivefold in 10 days.
  3. The Federal Reserve just “tweaked” one particular sentence in a 600-word document. The tweak is incredibly inflationary, which lends itself to a massive gold rally.
  4. Goldman Sachs just closed an enormous “short wager” on the price of gold.

In light of the news, Karim Rahemtulla left his headquarters in Dubai and flew to a mine in an undisclosed corner of the world.

You see, rather than simply recommend that readers buy gold bullion, Karim is about to release an urgent “Buy” on a specific gold mining stock.

The stock trades for less than $3/share, which will dramatically magnify any gains associated with the coming appreciation in gold prices.

Even better, more recommendations are coming...

The Situation in the Gold Market is Just the Beginning...

Major new energy discoveries in remote, hard-to-reach locations are transforming backwater societies into 21st century super-economies virtually overnight. 

These energy discoveries are economic “steroids” to countries trying to grow fast.

With natural gas and oil on their own land, these countries are leapfrogging the centuries it took the West to develop into world powerhouses.

Take a look at what I mean…

Here’s Saudi Arabia before and after oil was discovered there…

Saudi Arabia Before and After Oil

Here’s Russia…

Russia Before and After Oil

And here’s Qatar…

Qatar Before and After Oil

No wonder every developing country in the world is racing to control as much of the new gas and oil it can find within its borders or waters.

It’s almost as if OPEC is being kicked to the curb.

Even Saudi Arabia has been reduced to lying about remaining reserves just to hold on to some semblance of its former power.

These new energy players are saying, “Thanks, but no thanks,” to the old energy giants and digging up their own massive energy reserves.

But for individual investors, this race for new energy may be...

The Fastest Way to Make Money Right Now.

Here’s why….

Just as these new natural gas and oil finds are transforming whole societies…

They’re offering individual investors opportunities to make transformative, life-changing amounts of money.

I’m talking about turning every $10,000 into $121,461, as I’ll detail in just a bit.

How would that change your life for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years?

What would you do that you can’t even imagine being able to do right now?

All it takes is using oil and energy price movements to guide your investing.

How do you do that?

In his most-recent confidential briefing on Cyprus (released last week), Karim revealed to his readers how investors are doing just that. And how investors will soon make a killing in natural gas, too.

In fact, doubling your portfolio is really the least you can expect when you use energy prices as your guide.

Much higher gains are easily within reach.

But here comes the tricky part…

Most of the big new energy finds are in remote, desolate, forbidding environments.  

Located inside the territories of closed, insular societies wary of strangers.

You can’t drive to these places. You can’t even walk to them without a guide.

Boat. Helicopter. Or pack animals are the only ways in.

Unless you know someone there on the ground…

Unless you know the language and culture…

Unless you have contacts inside the region…

You won’t get access to the site or the confidential information that’s indispensable to understanding the “big find.” You won't know when it will start producing. Or even how it will impact energy prices to your personal, investing benefit.

Sadly, almost no “energy analysts” have this kind of access. But Karim does.

Karim's Confidential Breifing

As Karim recently showed readers in his confidential briefing from Cyprus, Egypt and Dubai, energy investing is no longer just about geology…

“Find the oil. Extract it. Make money.”

Well, that’s no longer the formula for energy riches.

You have to understand the technological challenges involved at the site…

Understand the geopolitical and economic forces at play in the region…

Understand the current exploration and production status of the find…

In short, you need someone there – on the ground – with contacts who can leapfrog the cultural and governmental barriers erected to keep “foreigners” out.

And it’s oh-so-very helpful if the locals think “your man” is “one of them.”

This is why Karim Rahemtulla has been able to “set up shop” in Dubai for his newest research service, Oil & Energy Confidential.

Karim’s spent 15 years traveling throughout Asia and the Middle East, painstakingly building the right local relationships to be able to bring you actionable energy news straight from the source.

For Karim, it’s been 15 years of pursuing his passion.

Breaking bread with local fishermen and traders. Riding camels in the desert with the Bedouin. And getting to know the geologists, well-diggers, surveyors, and excavators on the ground doing the tough work of bringing energy out of the earth.

Not merely “contacts,” these are friendships that can’t be bought at any price. And neither can the sensitive information these people share only with friends. 

Unique among “energy experts,” Karim can take you inside this closed, tight-knit world of the people who control the flow of energy, and the flow of information.

Dubai was the natural location for Karim to headquarter Oil & Energy Confidential (with a second headquarter in the United States).

Strategically located at the intersection between East and West, Dubai is the central hub for international energy trading. In energy, all roads lead to and through Dubai.

Known for centuries for its abundant pearls then for oil, today Dubai’s tribal dynasties deal in the single most coveted and tightly guarded resource of all… information!

I’m talking about oil and natural gas supply and pricing information gathered from “the source.” That is, from the natives who know what’s happening.

With access to these primary sources, you can find out anything about gas and oil prices and where they’re moving.

Without it, you’re just guessing.

Karim's Confidential Breifing

For example, back in 2012, when “everyone” thought Iran was going to shut down the Strait of Hormuz and send oil prices flying… And all the “smart” money was betting on $200-a-barrel oil that year…

Karim’s contacts in Oman snuck him onto a small smuggling boat and took him out into the Strait of Hormuz. A boat normally used for carrying contraband.

From right there on the water, it was clear as day that Iran had no intention of closing down the world’s most infamous 21-mile energy choke point.

"Iran says it has plans to close the Strait of Hormuz."

~USATODAY, 7/7/2012

Karim was able to tell his readers to keep their “energy dollars” in their pockets, or deploy them elsewhere.

But folks getting their energy information from newspapers or TV lost a bundle of dough.

In short, if you know the right people and they trust you, you have access. If you don’t, you don’t. It’s that simple.

Getting your information from the trade papers or listening to the “experts” on TV is like reading last week’s “news.” Or, worse yet, reading tea leaves.

Karim's Confidential Breifing

The “information” dispensed by governments and industry players for public consumption – and repeated over and over – is designed to misdirect the public.

They tell you what’s good for them, not good for you.

Getting your information from the original source is the only way to find out what’s really happening… and what isn’t. It’s the information you need to make money.

And this is precisely what Karim gives you through his confidential briefings (such as the one he released last week on Cyprus).

Karim comes by his insider status honestly. He’s one of the few “Westerners” born into this closed society of energy insiders.

Born in Kenya into the heart of the post-colonial international oil industry, Karim’s father was a distributor for Mobil Oil for all of East Africa.

So growing up, Karim got to see how the international oil business really works from inside.

Already a “citizen of the world” at an early age, he was flying from Nairobi to Zurich at age 10 when his plane was hijacked and forced to land in Cairo.

Karim was sent to England to attend the prestigious Ryde School, where he met the sons and daughters of the world’s business and finance elite and forged friendships in high places that would last a lifetime.

Today, Karim travels the globe on the “world’s best passport," speaks six languages, from French to Swahili, and reads anything in Cyrillic.

His background and contacts – in high places and among the natives of the Middle East – give him access to people, places, and information others can’t get.

For example…

Meet Messieurs X, Y, and Z.

Mr X

Mr. X has been a friend of Karim’s family for more than 20 years. He’s served as General Consul for one of the top G7 countries and sits a few doors down from the Prime Minister.

Mr. X is on a first-name basis with the elite in every country in the world and can arrange introductions at the highest levels with just a short phone call…

“When I go to Malaysia this year, I’ll tell him I want to meet with people in the rubber and oil industries.  He’ll call his counterpart in Malaysia who will make the introductions when I get there.”

Mr. Y Whispers the Truth About Cypriot Natural Gas and Gold.

Mr X

Mr. Y is very high up in the European Union and handles the restructuring of Europe’s troubled economies.

“He’s why I knew that Cyprus was about to be resolved before 99% of the world knew. He also got me in to see ‘Jeremy’ the first day I was there.”

“Jeremy” is a top Cypriot money manager and handles “big money” on the island tax haven for wealthy Russians and Brits.

“Jeremy” gave Karim a precise read on the Cyprus money situation…

How much is frozen and how much is being taxed?

Would the government fall?

Will a socialist government rise in its place?

How will Russia play it?

“Everyone’s going through bankruptcy in Cyprus, so it’s hard to get them to talk. ‘Jeremy’ was indispensable in getting me inside the wall of silence.”

The most stunning revelation was the existence of “Cypriot gold.” Not one in 10,000 people know that Cyprus has anything to do with gold—but it does. And Karim is briefing his Oil & Energy Confidential readers now.

Karim’s confidential Cyprus briefing just showed, as nothing else can, that information counts for more than hard assets.

Knowing how the geopolitical and economic situation is going to play out determines the value of assets. And how to profit from them.

Better, fresher, closer-to-the-source information gives Karim’s Oil & Energy Confidential readers a totally unfair advantage.

Mr. Z Manages a Billion Dollars in Resource Funds.

Mr Z

This self-made billionaire handles money for some of the world’s most public figures, which is why Karim keeps his name strictly under wraps.

Mr. Z is such a big investor (on the level of Jim Rogers), he gets Karim in to see the top people at any resource company he wants.

American or Canadian CEOs are easy “gets,” but Mr. Z has contacts across the globe from Armenia to Siberia and beyond.

And Mr. Z tips off Karim to investments he’d be unlikely to find any other way.  

“He won’t touch an asset unless the seller is crying. He can show me investments in the very earliest stages of meteoric growth… before they’re on anyone’s radar screen.

“For example, he bought one uranium miner for $0.015 a share and sold it for $10 a share about a year and a half later.”

That’s a gain of 66,567%.

Yes, 66,567% on a straight investment. No options.

To put it mildly, Mr. Z is a good friend to have.

After 15 Years Building a Vast Network of Contacts, the Time to Launch is Now...

Karim just launched Oil & Energy Confidential now because energy is on the cusp of a new epoch.

Societies are being transformed in record time. And these societies are creating enormous individual wealth just as quickly.

The old energy paradigm, where a few big players dominated everyone else, is giving way to a whole new world of energy producers.

And in this new world, it’s who you know at the source – at the wellhead, so to speak – that counts.

In Oil & Energy Confidential Karim puts his 15 years of building relationships –friendships, really – with the people working on the ground to bring this new energy up and to market.

He’s working in tandem with people at the highest level of government, international finance and business.

It’s all in an effort to show you how to turn foreknowledge of energy price movements into staggering gains in the stock market.

Earlier, I told you that $10,000 can turn into $121,461 with Karim’s first three recommendations.

Staggering, I know. But it’s supported by extensive backtesting…

You see, the price of oil over the last 10 years can be split into five cycles…

Three “up” cycles and “two” down cycles.

When you position yourself (using long and short positions where appropriate) perfectly alongside the directional movement of oil prices…

And you do that with the 12 stocks that comprise the AMEX Oil Index (we’re merely using the Index as a proxy for the stocks we’ll be recommending in Oil & Energy Confidential)…

Well, the gains are profound.

In fact, the average gain per position for each cycle in oil is 129.87%.

Using the backtest as a very humble guide, a modest $10,000 investment can turn into $121,461 with three consecutive winning recommendations. The next of which is heading your way, compliments of the situation in the gold market.

Although we will not be shorting any stocks in our model portfolio, Karim has vowed to never recommend a stock with a price target less than 129%. He gave me his word, which is as good as gold.

Karim just completed his latest confidential briefing on the gold market.

The briefing includes the ticker symbol of a mining stock sitting directly in the sweet spot of the coming rally. Shares trade for less than $3/share.

It’s now ready to be released to Oil & Energy Confidential readers.

If you’d like to become a charter member of Oil & Energy Confidential, please go here.

Your confidential briefing includes…

  • Karim’s complete video “diary” of his entire trip (except where he was prohibited from taping for reasons of confidentiality), with much more detail and footage than we had room to show here.
  • Karim’s detailed analyses of the gold market. And detailed instructions on how you can profit from it now, including the company’s ticker symbol.
Karim's Confidential Breifing

Karim remains in constant communication with his local contacts to monitor the geopolitical and economic situation there on the ground.

As events evolve, he will keep you updated with reports in the Oil & Energy Confidential service.

Along with your confidential briefing, you’ll receive a trial subscription to Karim’s Oil & Energy Confidential research service, the sponsor of all of Karim’s briefings.

This trial subscription includes:

  • Karim’s entire model portfolio of energy and resources recommendations.
  • Karim’s weekly updates on the gold “situation” and the mining stock recommendation. Along with updates on all of his future recommendations.
  • Karim’s “Buy” and “Sell” alerts – sent via email – whenever conditions warrant immediate action.
  • Karim’s insights from his most-recent travels, where he distills everything he’s learned from his contacts on the ground and in high places.

Among those insights, Karim will tell you about macro trends in the world energy and resource markets… the geopolitical and economic conditions in the remote regions he plans to visit… and, most importantly, the specific stocks he recommends to profit.

Karim constantly refreshes his information through regular communications with his in-country contacts. He takes regular return trips to check on progress at the sites he has targeted, too.

What You’ll Also Get When You Add Your Name to the List.

This is just the beginning. Karim has already planned his itinerary for the next four trips and confidential briefings.

When you become a charter member of Oil & Energy Confidential, you’ll automatically receive these next four confidential briefings.

Confidential Briefing from the Arctic Shelf

Confidential Breifing from The Arctic

Karim will be departing soon for Alaska’s Arctic Shelf where one company has landed, which the U.S. Geological Survey estimates contains two billion barrels of oil and up to 80 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

But the immediate story is the price of the land. This flinty explorer paid almost nothing for the land, yet has inked a deal to sell a tiny parcel for $43 million.

But as soon as real results from drilling assays confirm (or better) the USGS’s estimates, land prices will shoot to the moon.

Karim thinks this $2.50 stock should easily double or triple in the next six months just based on jumping land prices.

But since this explorer retains royalty rights and is also a producer, this is likely just the beginning of the profit ride.

That’s why Karim’s heading up there soon. He wants to see the place for himself and talk to the geologists and drillers on the ground.  What are they seeing? How excited are they? How close is this project to producing?

How much energy is actually coming up at nearby wells? How far along is the infrastructure (e.g. pipelines) that will take the gas and oil to market? How certain and close is the find’s moneymaking potential?

That’s the whole point of Oil & Energy Confidential: Seeing is believing.

Unless Karim can confirm with his own eyes and ears the truth and potential of a “big find,” he’s not interested in telling his readers about it.

In fact, unless Karim is certain that a particular play will give his readers a triple-digit gain, he will pass on the opportunity.

But if he is convinced a triple-digit is lying in wait, the opportunity will all be laid out in detail (and on video) in Karim’s next confidential briefing.

Then, when winter thaws, he’ll be heading to Siberia…

Confidential Briefing from Siberia

Confidential Breifing from The Artic

Karim wants to see firsthand the operations of the world’s largest copper mine that nobody’s heard of.

In fact, if the early samples are any guide, this will be the largest new copper find in the world, with the potential to produce billions of tons of this shiny metal.

And one tiny company owns a 38% share of everything it will ever produce.

While everyone else has been looking the other way, Karim has been following this firm’s every move for the past 10 years. That is, ever since he was part of the venture capital team that raised money to get it off the ground.

In short, as with all of Oil & Energy Confidential’s prospects, Karim knows the people on the ground doing the work and taking the risks. And he believes in the potential because he’s seen the numbers and the passion in people’s eyes.

On top of everything else, this copper mine has the good fortune of having massive amounts of infrastructure (e.g. river, roads, electricity) already in place, which means taking the copper to market is no problem.

Nonetheless, Karim is heading to Siberia because he demands to see the ground operations before he introduces his readers to anything.  He wants to see the core assays… check the percentage figures of copper found… and see for himself how far from actual production the mine is.

Barely anyone knows about this mine…. likely because it’s still in its embryonic stage. And given its monumental potential copper output and profitability, this company’s owners, understandably, are going to extraordinary lengths to keep it that way.

That’s why Karim has had to pull some high-level strings to get over the wall of silence. He had to sign an affidavit stating that Wall Street Daily would be using a state-of-the-art server to send Oil & Energy Confidential research.

Assuming Karim thinks the moment is right to pull the trigger on this opportunity, only his readers will be “in the know.”

The company is selling for $1.33 a share, but its billion-ton production potential will push it up to $6 to $8 a share. A 501.5% potential gain.

But once you add in the firm’s Arizona copper holdings (and the 150 other projects it’s running around the world), Karim thinks this will be a $30-a-share company.

As much as a 2,156% gain.

When copper dropped to $0.60 a pound, most of the big players left Arizona. But now copper is back up to over $3.00 a pound, and they’re flooding back into the state.  But the big boys managed to miss this rich vein of copper.

That’s because of its unusual geologic formations, called “copper peripheries.” These thick veins of copper tilt vertically instead of laying parallel to the earth’s surface.

So when other explorers drilled straight down, they completely missed the billions of tons of copper still there waiting to be extracted.


Fortunately, this firm employs the top two or three geologists in the world, and they weren’t fooled by the tilted formation.

And now that they’re discovering the same formation at hundreds of sites around the world, the potential for new big finds of copper is almost limitless.

But this tiny titan doesn’t only have geological smarts, it has tons of financial savvy.

Most of the world’s 3,000 junior miners are “bleeding out” cash from the recent downturn, and only 300 have enough cash to survive even a few more years.

This company has $25 million in cash on hand, which is only down $5 million from the $30 million it originally raised years ago.

Its royalties from this and other projects are returning $4 to $5 million a year and it burns only $7 million a year. So even if it never generates a dime of new money, it could continue on like this for two more decades.

In short, this small firm is in the top 1% of junior miners in terms of “survivability,” not to mention potential profitability.

You can “visit” both the Siberia and Arizona holdings once Karim returns and sends his confidential briefing on video to his Oil & Energy Confidential readers.

From There, Karim Heads to Armenia and East Africa.

Confidential Breifing from The Artic

As it turns out, Mr. Z is heavily involved in a major resources project in Armenia. He called up Karim, and asked him if he’d be interested in “taking a look.” Of course Karim said yes, and he’ll be heading to the Caucasus region later this year.

Even Karim doesn’t know what this project is about yet, but Mr. Z (the one who made 66,567% on one investment) never loses money.

Just the opposite, windfall is his middle name. So Karim will be checking it out and reporting back from Armenia, confidentially, when he returns.

And while he’s traveling, he will head down to East Africa – that is, Kenya, where he was born and his father worked for Mobil Oil, and Uganda – to look at new oil finds.

Plentiful oil was found in West Africa long ago. But now, new drilling technologies have located big new finds on and offshore in the east of Africa, too.

If Karim sees real money to be made there, he will send his Oil & Energy Confidential readers his confidential briefing with all the details they need.

Seeing Is Believing (and Profiting)…

As with his latest gold briefing, Karim will be reporting on these “big finds” from the frontlines and talking to the people on the ground who know the “state of play” down to the minute.

Each confidential briefing will yield at least one, but often multiple, opportunities to profit and deliver clear, reliable guidance on how, when, and where to make money—and avoid the pitfalls most investors are likely to make.

As we’re seeing with the prevailing gold, the big moneymaking opportunities often arise from the interplay of geopolitical and geo-economic forces as much as from the assets in the ground.

This is the way things work in the new world of energy investing. It’s not enough to know where the oil, natural gas, or minerals are. You have to know how and when to extract your profits from them.

And you have to get that information from the people who really know what they’re talking about. They’re the ones getting their hands dirty, every day.

Becoming a charter member of Oil & Energy Confidential now ensures you receive not only Karim’s latest confidential briefing on gold…

But also the Arctic Shelf briefing, the Siberian briefing, the Armenian briefing, and the East Africa briefings, as soon as they’re ready.

Events Are Already Moving Fast.

Across the globe’s most remote and desolate regions, the race for control of the Earth’s ocean of unclaimed energy reserves is raging.

Will you claim your share of the profits?

Much depends on the information you have. That is, what you know and when.

With “big finds” like these, events move swiftly and news gets old fast. Opportunities can slip if not acted upon quickly.

In the case of the gold market, they’re moving more quickly than usual.

That’s why we’re spending more than $20,000 per trip to send Karim to the frontlines, where energy history –and fortunes– are being made right now.

It’s a lot of money, but we know it’s an investment in information from the source that can make Karim’s readers a lot of money.

So if you’re interested in receiving Karim’s confidential briefing on the gold market…

And the next four briefings he has already planned on the Arctic Shelf, Siberia, Armenia, and East Africa …

All the others for the next year…

Ignore everything else you get as an Oil & Energy Confidential subscriber…

And, most importantly, if you’re comfortable with the idea of turning $10,000 into $121,461 with Karim’s first three recommendations…

Just click here to become a charter member of Oil & Energy Confidential, ASAP.

Ahead of the tape,
Robert Williams
Publisher, Wall Street Daily
April 2013

P.S. In anticipation of your response, I’m reserving your copy of Karim’s confidential briefing on the gold market. If I don’t hear from you, however, I’ll release your copy to the next person on the list who responds. To ensure you get your reserved copy, simply become a charter member of Oil & Energy Confidential, ASAP.

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